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A Girl Looking at a Physics Model


After a long career in secondary teaching, the idea for The Science Cafe grew from the idea that education and learning happens when children have opportunities to "do science" through hands-on experiences, by enquiry based learning, experimentation, asking questions and not being afraid to make mistakes. And, that mainstream education often fails to give space for this kind of learning. 

Our pop-up science school is designed to provide a safe, inclusive place for students to be guided through the skills and knowledge they need to ask big questions and seek detailed answers. 

The small group sizes make it an ideal place for pupils who may struggle in busy mainstream settings and our highly skilled and experienced teachers will adapt and refine learning to suit the students in their care.

If you are looking for an education experience beyond the traditional school setting, or looking for something more enriching than online tutoring, then The Science Cafe is a wonderful place for your child to grow and develop their amazing minds. 

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